Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Total Refresh

Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Total Refresh – This is a guest blog. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Ocala Screen and Patio.

Total Refresh

Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Total Refresh


Our home is our comfort zone, our safety bubble that we take refuge in, day after day. This has been true especially through the pandemic, as most of us began working and living from home – pretty much 24×7. And if you’re tired of this space you’ve built? Well, it is your home, and there’s no running away from it.

However, small changes add up to significant results – especially when it comes to sprucing up your space. Here, Ocala Screen and Patio share easy tips to refresh your home as we emerge from the pandemic.


Get Scenty with It

Now that our homes have become our personal bar, gym, office, and more, it’s essential that we honor each space in our home and give them a unique identity. A study by PLoS One reported scent is an excellent way to lend character and individuality to a room, and it is an easy DIY way to boost moods and create good vibes. Pick a signature scent for your entire home that makes your space feel joyful, or else, pick different scents for different rooms if you’re looking to level up.


Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

According to Snips Magazine, indoor air quality is a critical aspect of wellbeing. And as we emerge from the pandemic, all that time cooped up inside cannot be great for our circulation. However, if you’re not quite ready to shell out dollars on an expensive air purifier, we have the solution for you – plants. Yes, adding lots of green will naturally temper the air quality in your home while lowering stress levels and blood pressure. And adding some leafy greens to your space is an easy DIY interior design refresh too. Win-win!


Create Architectural Interest

Whether it’s salvaging that old fireplace you never use or hollowing out a cozy nook from extra space in your home, creating points of interest will be vital to refreshing your area. By adding a few key focal points to draw the eye, there will be less opportunity to focus on the clutter, mess, or other elements that make you unhappy. Some other options may be to swap out your kitchen cabinets for a more updated look or do an extensive bathroom renovation, so you have your dream space to take long bubble baths in. It’s better to call in the professionals for bigger jobs like these to ensure you have a finished look you’re happy with.


Don’t Forget the Exterior

Outdoor improvements matter just as much as interior ones. Not only does your home’s exterior skyrocket your property’s value, but it also adds curb appeal, which leaves you feeling good before you even walk through the front door. Easy fixes will be to get your paintwork refreshed and your fence straightened up. In addition, your garden should be a beautiful and calming oasis – both to look at and work in. You may want to hire a professional landscape architect who will create an aesthetic effect while optimizing sun angles, soil quality, and space restrictions for the best results. However, if you’re having trouble envisioning the final product, get a 3D rendering made to take the guesswork out of your plan.

Your space reflects your mindset. Why not do a complete overhaul of both by reviving your home to refresh your mind? These small tips go a long way in giving you a new space to be excited about – and you may see some improvements in work, life, and everything in between too.

If your home is tight on space, a screen room enclosure is an ideal way to give you more room to entertain and relax. Ocala Screen and Patio specialize in helping you enjoy the great outdoors again, right from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to check out our services or contact us here for more information today.


Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Total Refresh