Home Improvement Projects that Will Boost the Value of Your Home

Home Improvement Projects that Will Boost the Value of Your Home – This is a guest blog. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Ocala Screen and Patio.

Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects that Will Boost the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to put your house on the market, there are some home improvement projects you can do that will boost the value of your home. Some require the skills of a professional, but others are DIY projects that can add thousands of dollars to your asking price.

For example, adding a new deck, a screen or patio enclosure, or even a sunroom are significant investments that can give your home quite a value boost. However, these are improvements that should be handled by experts. On the other hand, if you want to stain your deck or pressure wash your patio, these are projects you can DIY.

Ready for some more ideas? Here are some that the experts at Ocala Screen and Patio think are worth considering.

Repair or replace your flooring

Floors are one of the most important parts of a house, and they can be a big consideration for home buyers. If your flooring is new or in good shape, you can probably get away with a deep cleaning. There are places like home improvement stores, rental agencies, and even your corner hardware store where you can rent commercial-grade machines to clean your floors. Of course, you can hire a professional to do it as well. If your surfaces are worse for wear, on the other hand, or simply outdated, it may be a good idea to replace them. These resources will help you decide how to handle your floor situation.



Modify the kitchen

Wanting a fabulous kitchen seems to be a universal trend for home shoppers, so it’s a room worth paying attention to when you plan on listing your home. There are lots of options worth considering when you’re looking at kitchen upgrades. You can address worn cabinets, spruce up your countertops, install new appliances, brighten your backsplash, refresh your walls or improve the lighting. Or, do the whole shebang. Whether you go for a full-scale remodel or opt for more minor DIY repairs, you’re likely to see a return on your investment in the kitchen.



Make master bathroom updates

Your master bathroom may be a relatively small space, but it has a major influence over interested home shoppers. Thankfully, you can make updates that won’t eat up your budget but will give the room new life. Some of the simplest things can make a big difference in how the room looks and feels. Just changing the shower curtain, towels and wall decor can completely alter the aesthetic, and none of those changes are going to make you dig too deep into your wallet. There are other small upgrades that pack a punch, too. Refreshing the walls makes a big difference, or changing up lighting and hardware. Here are a few more ideas:



Upgrade your home’s curb appeal

Curb appeal is important to increasing the value of your home, and there are many DIY projects even beginners can take on. Planting annuals bring color and eye appeal to your front walkway, and you can brighten your landscaping with some new mulch. Tidy up shrubbery and remove any that is overgrown. If you’re not much of a green thumb, take heart, because there are plenty of other ideas you can try. A simple power washing of your siding and driveway will be a good refresher. Tap into these other tips for advantageous curb appeal:


Home improvement projects are a great way to increase the value of your home. Take a look at your repair budget, and get started today!


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